It’s a Movie Jungle out there, so let them hear your Roar

‘Get your script sold & made’ - A foundry of independent script & story development.
Welcoming the great unrepresented in storytelling, Point Blank Creative helps to get your film made. A fast growing route for scriptwriters (part-timers, full-timers or even first timers) to get their script found and seriously considered. Point Blank picks the best to develop and highlights the most commercially attractive products it comes across to the most suitable figures in it’s network of filmmakers and producers. This is not an app or search engine, it’s a very hands on team, mining the best stories for those that can actually make things happen.
‘Find your next script and get your film made’ - Where original product meets visionary producers & filmmakers.
Point Blank picks only the best scripts & projects to develop, highlights the most commercially attractive products it comes across and is a welcome additional resource for filmmakers & producers seeking original projects outside of the mainstream channels. Point Blank is a by-referral broker for those looking to acquire a great story to develop and make, or those further down the line looking to get their production funded and distributed.
Connecting bold new stories in the lobby, to the make-it-happeners in the corner office. If it’s Point Blank, you’re only shooting when you can’t miss.